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Scientific committee

Scientific committee

Dr. Ardeshir Hezarkhani
 • Professor, Amirkabir University of Technology

• Exploration and Modeling Geochemistry (PhD, McGill University)

Head of Geology and Mineral Exploration Committee 

Dr. Mohammad Ataei
• Professor, Shahrood University of Technology

• Mining engineering (PhD, Amirkabir University of Technology)

Head of Mining Excavation Committee 

Dr. Kaveh Ahangari
• Assistant professor, Islamic Azad University, Sciences and Researches Branch

• Rock mechanics (PhD, Technical University Clausthal)

Head of Rock Mechanics Committee

Dr. Seyyed Ziaeddin Shafai Tonekaboni
• Professor, University of Tehran

• Mineral processing (PhD, University of Leeds)

Head of Mineral Processing Committee

Dr. Ahmadreza Sayadi
• Associate professor, Tarbiat Modares University

• Mine economy (PhD, Paris School of mines)

Head of Mining Economics and Management Committee

Dr. Farhang Sereshki
• Associate professor, Shahrood University of Technology

• Mining engineering (PhD, University of Wollongong )

Head of Health and Safety Committee

Dr. Homayoun Katibeh
 • Associate professor, Amirkabir University of Technology

• Hydrogeology (PhD, Indian Institute of Technology)

Head of Water and Energy in Mining Committee

Dr. Faramarz Doulati Ardeh jani
• Professor, University of Tehran

• Mining Engineering-Environmental Hydrogeology (PhD, University of Wollongong)

Head of Environment Committee




  • Abstract Submission Deadline (15/Mar/2018-30/Sep/2018)
  • Full Paper Submission Deadline (15/Jul/2018-15/Jan/2019)
  • Vocational Field Trip From Goharzamin Iron Ore Mine Registration (15/Mar/2018-15/Mar/2019)
  • Workshop Proposal Submission Deadline (15/Mar/2018-15/Sep/2018)
  • Exhibition Registration Deadline (01/Oct/2018-15/Mar/2019)
  • Final Announcement For Accepted Full Paper and Workshop (15/Jan/2019)

Payment Deadlines

  • Delegate and other Participation Payment Deadline (15/Jan/2018-28/Feb/2019)
  • Lecturer Payment Deadline (15/Jan/2019-15/Mar/2019)
  • Vocational Field Trip from Goharzamin Iron Ore Mine Payment Deadline (15/Jan/2018-28/Feb/2019)
  • Exhibition Payment Deadline (01-Oct/2018-15/Mar/2019)


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