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The First International Conference on Mining and Related Industries Optimisation (MIOIR), 22nd -25th April 2019, Tehran, Iran

MIOIR Conference is sponsored by Gohar Zamin Iron Ore Mine Co, which holds the hugest iron ore mine project within the Middle East, and its shareholders namely; Golgohar Mineral and Industrial Co, Omid Investment Management Group Co, Ghadir Investment Co and Mines and Metals Investment Co. The MIOIR Conference covers all areas of the geosciences with respect to optimisation, modification as well as new methodologies and innovations. All accepted articles are published in the conference proceeding. The MIOIR tries to bring researchers and practitioners representing research and educational institutions, governmental and individual mining sectors as well as consulting organisations from all over the world to exchange ideas to develop the research priorities with respect to geosciences with an emphasis on optimisation.

Our overall topics and sections aim to propose potential solutions for problem statements regarding sustainable mining development to contribute towards mining project evaluation and decision-making process.


 Message from the Secretary of the MIOIR Conference
This is believed that the speedy trend of world-wide changes, complexity of the globalisation process and the reduction of natural resources mainly agricultural and environmental as well as minerals and energy on one hand and the interest of the large multinational investing corporations on the other hand necessitate proper management of resources and consumption. Hence, the need for scientific research and the application of new management methodologies in order to identify mineral deposits and mine them as economically as possible is essential. Therefore, identification of technical issues of geoscience-based knowledge regarding management techniques, optimisation, economics, resource modelling and methodologies for future-oriented analysis of concepts seems to be inevitable. The MIOIR tries to bring researches from all over the world to exchange the latest approaches in connection with mining and related industries optimisation. 
On behalf of MIOIR committee, I cordially invite you to join us and have your lovely contribution with respect to the conference topics. Without any doubt, your collaboration is hugely acknowledged in advance. 
We are really looking forward to hearing from you.
Dr. Amir Bijan Yasrebi
Secretory of the First International Conference of Mining and Related Industries Optimisation (MIOIR)



  • Abstract Submission Deadline (15/Mar/2018-30/Sep/2018)
  • Full Paper Submission Deadline (15/Jul/2018-15/Jan/2019)
  • Vocational Field Trip From Goharzamin Iron Ore Mine Registration (15/Mar/2018-15/Mar/2019)
  • Workshop Proposal Submission Deadline (15/Mar/2018-15/Sep/2018)
  • Exhibition Registration Deadline (01/Oct/2018-15/Mar/2019)
  • Final Announcement For Accepted Full Paper and Workshop (15/Jan/2019)

Payment Deadlines

  • Delegate and other Participation Payment Deadline (15/Jan/2018-28/Feb/2019)
  • Lecturer Payment Deadline (15/Jan/2019-15/Mar/2019)
  • Vocational Field Trip from Goharzamin Iron Ore Mine Payment Deadline (15/Jan/2018-28/Feb/2019)
  • Exhibition Payment Deadline (01-Oct/2018-15/Mar/2019)


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